Alterations are undertaken on special occasion, every day and military uniforms. 

Special Occassion 

The style of garment and / or the amount of adjustment required and the date of the special event will determine the amount of time the alteration/s will take. An approx time scale is 4 - 6 weeks for an individual garment such as a wedding dress.  If mulitiple dresses, such as bridesmaids, then the lead time may increase.

Dresses for children would be altered last and as close to the date as possible.  

Military Alterations 

Usually will take up to 2 weeks, again dependent on how much alterations is required. Jackets that need tailoring may take longer, but you will be advise of this on seeing the garment.

During October leading in to November you will need to allow around 4 weeks on lead times.

Ensignia, braids, curls and other decorations will need to be provided by the customer. 

Mess Shirt Designs 

Create your own backs to your mess shirts. The main part of the back of the shirt can be replaced with a fabric of your choice such as novelty fabric, or your favourite sports team.  I can also create embroidery designs to be embroidered onto the back such as a crest of a ship. Image of the design, such as a ship crest, would need to be provided by customer.

General Alterations 

Usually will take 7- 10 days, this may vary depending on number of garment  requiring alterations.  

Please contact Catherine by one of the following methods for enquiries or to book an appointment.

 Phone: 0117 983376

Email: via the contacts page

Facebook: Catherine Price Rowe Dressmaking