The Bespoke Service is only available for customers who can visit my fitting room, as of yet the Bespoke service is not available for over the internet at the moment.

The Free Consultation

I will listen to your design requirements and wishes before sketching out and starting to bring your design ideas to life. Browse through fabric samples for ideas or bring your own if you have seen what you like.

At the end of the consultation I will give you a quotation based on our discussions that you can take away with you. The quote includes making the pattern, toile, fabric, haberdashery and fittings.

Bridal, Bridesmaids, Prom, Graduation - Dresses can be made in a variety of fabrics such as silk or man made and come from a variety of manufacturers some of which are Uk based although the fabric itself may be from abroad. If you are providing the fabric then the quotation will include the making of pattern, toile, fabric, haberdashery and fittings.

Replica Uniforms - All the fabric for replica uniforms are British made and are woven to either the exact or similiar specification and is of a high quality. As such they can be more expensive then fabric from abroad.  Certain fabrics like cotton drill for Fatigues and Denims can be dyed to create as close a colour as possible. (Please be aware that I dye fabric once made in item to be worn and each item is individually dyed, therefore a colour variant may occur).

Costumes Theatre - All fabric and haberdashery will be provided by the theatre company, the quotation is for making only.

Historical Costumes - Fabric for historical costumes will be included in the quote unless provided by the customer. Fabric can be authentic or a mixture or natural and manmade and may come from abroad. Authentic fabric may take longer to acquire or research.


If you choose to accept the quote then confirmation is required and can be done by email or phone. Once your order is confirmed an appointment is made where I will take your, mesurements and a 50% non - refundable deposit paid either by cheque, cash or BAACS.

Depending on time scale, the first fitting will be booked in.


Made from cotton, the toile (sample dress) enables me to start fitting your dress to you.  It also allows you to see the design and if there is anything you wish to change or alter.

You can only make design changes whilst your dress is at the toile stage, depending on the timescale you can have more fittings in the toile as you wish to allow for any design changes. 

Once the dress, outift or uniform has been cut and started in the actual fabric, any design modification may inccur an extra cost for replacement fabric and labour.

 Alterations due to moderate weight loss can be undertaken up to one week before the wedding.

Most fittings take approx 1 hour and some appointments are available on an evening or on Saturday, where possible I will try to fit you in around your schedule.

Completion and Payment

The balance of your order needs to be paid 4 weeks before the pick up date of your outfit and can be made with cheque, cash or BAACs.

The pick up date is the decided by you and can be the day before or weeks before your event.