Terms and Conditions

 The business address is

Bodices and Bustles

23 West Town Lane 




Consultations and Fittings

All consultations are free and no obligation.

All consultations and fittings are at the business address and must be pre booked.

Appointments are available, depending on allocation on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and  selected Saturdays and evenings. Where possible Bodices and Bustles will try to work around your schedule however due to busy periods this may not be possible.

Final fittings - at the final fitting, if the customer decides any design changes then additional labour and fabric costs will be inccured depending on the changes.

Weight loss - Moderate weight loses (a few pounds) on the final fit can be accomodated. If you are thinking or losing a lot of weight whilst your order is being made, then please ensure that Bodices and Bustles are aware of you intentions so we can accomodate.  We can delay the start of your order (time scale dependent) to allow for any weight loss, we will also advise you of the how long you have before we need to start your order.


A 50% non refundable deposit is required on confirmation of order and can be made payable via cheque, cash or Baacs.

Balance of payment must be made 4 weeks prior to collection of order or as montly installments, with the last installment paid 4 weeks prior to collection. If you wish to pay in installments then confirm this when the deposit is paid.


If the customer cancels the order then following will apply:-

1.   Customer cancels after deposit paid and order is at the toille stage, before construction in actual fabric - customer will lose their deposit.

2   Customer cancels after construction has begun in actual fabric - customer will lose deposit and inccur additional costs for labour costs.

3.   Customer cancels 2 months before the collection or order date - customer will lose deposit and will have to pay the balance in full.

 If Bodices and Bustles cancels any orders due to unforeseen circumstances or illness then the deposit and any additional payments made will be refunded.


Bridal, Prom, Graduation, Special Occassion - Please allow a minmimun of 6 months for us to create you order this includes the consultation stage.  This may vary depending on busy periods and popular times of the year for weddings

 Replica Uniforms / Re-enactors - Please allow a minmimun of 6 months for us to create your order inlcuding consultation stage. If your fabric require dyeing, this will increase the timescale. This may vary depending on busy periods and events of historical importance. (Major commerations)

Theatre Costumes -  This will vary depending on the show and how many costumes are required, please contact Bodices and Bustles for timescales and lead times. 

Alterations -  Everyday clothing, please allow a week from when we recieve the item.

                        Bridal, Prom, Graduations and Special Occasion - Please contact Bodices                         and Bustles for lead times.

                        Modern Military Uniforms - Please allow 2 weeks from when we receive the                         uniform. Please be advise October leading into Novemember you will need                         to allow 4 weeks from when we receive the uniform.